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Jhilli Pakhiraloy

Do you'll need a wonderful place where you can have a picnicking? If yes , then don't west time came to Jhilli and enjoy the pleasure .From Jhargram, Hatibari is 24 kms, just 2 kms before it you have to turn left and continue 7 km in that direction to reach Jhilli.Jhilli is usually located 10 kms on concrete and village road from Kharagpur via Gopiballavpur. Jhilli is filled with enjoyment till daylight is there, as following the sun sets, the location gets fully deserted. However, persons in search for some real adventure, can stay hereJhilli takes up a new look in the evening. Inside the moonlit sky, Jhilli appears surreal. The greenery surrounding the vast waters of Jhilli is the best place for a nature lover.In this Jhilli Pakhiralay visitors can see many types of beautiful birds.specially in winter season manybirds weree come from other places which are called 'parijayi pakhi'You can go for paddle boating on the waters of Jhilli as a part of your picnic. Within the evening, must you come in huge groups, can have a bonfire, sit, talk and just like the surrounding.There are bungalows and tents supplied for tourists. Dining comes in conjunction with staying in the tent, but the expenses for food are separate.