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Jhargram Sabitri Temple

The 350-year-old Savitri temple is possibly the oldest structure in Jhargram. Legend has it that Savitri Devi inspired Rajput warrior Sarveshwar Singh to remain back at Junglekhand. The stone idol of the Devi is being worshipped for several centuries.

Goddess Sabitri is the ancestral deity of the Malla Deb dynasty of Jhargram, she is worshipped in form of Durga. There is no specific idol kept in the temple but a stone believed to have divine embodiment of Goddess is worshipped here. There are many fables and myths regarding Goddess Sabitri and the temple among the local people. Goddess is worshipped strictly according to Puranas the ancient Hindu religious texts during the Durga Puja as Brahmins recite hymns from the scriptures from the Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi Path) for ten days from Mahalaya to Dashami followed by the Maha Aarti on Durga Ashtami the eighth day of this orthodox worship and the Ritual drummers(dhakis) carrying large drums( dhaks) to show off their skills. The rituals of the Durga Puja are still organized and performed by the Royal Family of Jhargram.

In this temple per day puja start 10 am - 2 pm and 6pm-8 pm.