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Chilkigarh Raj Palace & Kanak Durga Temple

Chilkigarh is generally known as a village in Jamboni CD Block in Jhargram district.It is located around 14km away from Jhargram.
Chilkigarh is distinct its harmonious co-existance of tribal culture and Brahmin convertious . Also it is considered to be oral tale to be told for everybody.
Kanakdurga temple of Chilkigarh is the main atraction of Jhargram district. It is a favourite place for picnic too.It is a famouse tourist place in Jhargram. The temple is coverd in the west by a dence forest,in the east by Dulung river,it flows between raj palace of Chilkigarh and Kanakdurga temple.The forest is covered with medicial plant of 433 types.From Bihar and Jharkhand Jambani may be called 'Gateway of Bengal'.In Chilkigarh there grows a mixed culture of Bengal Jharkhand and Orissa.
The history of Chilkigarh connected with the history of Dhalbhum.The main history of Kanakdurga temple revolved round a dream.Devi Mahamaya came in the dream and orderd king Gopinath to setup a temple for her and she also described her idol.On the next morning King Gopinath found two visitors who saw the same dream at night.It was artist Jogendranath Kamiliya who transformed the dream into reality and Bramhin Ramenhandra Sarangi.Some says that Devi Kanakdsurga is Devi Chandi, She also the goddess of Power and energy.