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Hatibari can be a village situated in Nuagaon block of Sundargarh District, Odisha, India.A lot of the men and women belong to scheduled tribes and scheduled castes. It truly is one of the important Gram Panchayat of this locality. Hatibari Village is situated near the boarder of Odisha-Jharkhand. Getting the important village of ancient Kinjir Garh, there is an ancient building of Royal Family "Nana Shaheb".It is actually a nice and wonderful village situated 10kms from Sukinda head office.It is a straight road having 10kms long.The village is divided into many sahis like singha sahi(main head office of village), mahadev sahi, duburi sahi, hata sahi, nua sahi, dalei sahi etc. There are nearly 6000 people are live. It is famous for jagannath temple, kaliaghoda temple, sani manir, mahadev temple.It has a big sbi branch situated nearly mid of village.Over here you get a Govt. bungalow that is equipped with all the necessities.