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Arrounding Jhargram Town and District

Towards Jhargram

Hotel in Jhargram

Jhargram Raj Palace

The Jhargram Raj Palace is an opulent Gothic structure, set in carefully laid lawns and gardens. Built in 1931 AD, this Palace was designed by the Calcutta Improvement Trust during the reign of Raja Narasingha Malla Deb Bahadur.

Jhargram mini Zoo

It is situated 2kms from Jhargram towards the east of the railway station. The park is so congenital that animals seem to be out in their natural livelihood. It is also known as Deer Park.

Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Temple & Raj Palace

The temple was made by King Samanta. The river Dulung gushes in between the temple and the beautiful Raj Palace of Chilkigarh. This area is surrounded by 375 different species of plants and trees.

Sabitri Temple

Goddess Sabitri is the ancestral deity of the Malla Deb dynasty of Jhargram, she is worshipped in form of Durga. The rituals of the Durga Puja are still organized and performed by the Royal Family of Jhargram.

Towards Belapahari

Ghagra WaterFalls & Tarafeni

Ghagra waterfalls lies 49kms from Jhargram and 9kms from Belpahari bus stop. This waterfall is found on the river Tarafeny. You can go ahead and will found Tarafeny Barrage which is 4 kms from here.

Gurrasini Hill

This place is just 49kms from Jhargram. Temple of Lord Shiva is being created in the year 1999. A Bengali's popular festival "Poush Sankranti" is being celebrated by the local people every year in the mid of April.

Khandarani Dam

After 7 kms from Belpahari to Bhulabeda Road, turn on left side from Domohani Bridge and just go 3 kms in the forest red soil road. During winter Birds are special attraction.


The beauty of the Kankrajhor forest keeps you so mesmerized that you don't get to know when you have crossed 18kms within the dense forest. There you get the village house where you can stay.

Towards Gopiballavpur

Gopiballavpur Eco Park

Gopiballavpur Eco Park is modelled on Kolkata Eco Park. Adorned with greenery, this newly constructed park is nicely situated on the riverbank of Subarnarekha


This place is sited on the frontiers of three states Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. Over here you get a Govt. bungalow which is equipped with all the necessities. The enchanting beauty of the place leaves you with a mind out of the world.

Jhilli Pakhiraloy

From Hatibari if you walk for 4-5kms in between the jungle of Sal, Pial, Mahua, tuning to the bird's song you'll be reaching Jhillibandh. The center of attraction of this place is the water body.

Rameshwar Temple

It is just 64kms from Jhargram on way to Gopiballavpur towards Nayagram. It is a myth that Sita asked Ram to build the temple of Lord Shiva with help of Vishwakarma, as she wanted to worship him. The architecture of the temple is worth.

Jhargram Map For Tourist